Finally, a smart, fast and efficient asphalt patching product that moves at the speed of Singapore.

Potholes, utility cuts, even major repairs—all are fixed quickly, efficiently and with a lifetime guarantee. EZ Street cold asphalt: showing potholes who’s #1.

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1-2-3 Simplicity For Roadway Repairs



Whether repairing a pothole or a utility cut, simply sweep out any loose debris.



Pour the EZ Street product into the hole—even if the hole is filled with water. The polymer-modified formulation displaces water quite effectively.



Compact the EZ Street product using an appropriate tool. In a pinch, it can even be rolled by vehicle tyres. Properly applied, EZ Street asphalt is guaranteed to outlast the surrounding pavement.

Business Opportunity

Stockist: A Business Opportunity With EZ Street Asphalt

EZ Street cold asphalt is a unique and proprietary product. As such, it attracts a loyal following of high-value customers. And the EZ Street Company is always looking for a few good people to become purveyors of this premium cold asphalt product. If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities and what’s required to qualify, please E-mail Us.

Product Info

EZ Street asphalt began with a simple question: why can't building materials be as handy and convenient as other packaged goods? And since 1995, EZ Street asphalt has been proving that they can be so. The product is temperature resistant, no-muss and easy to use. The polymer-modified bitumen blend makes it possible to use the product in water—especially useful during Singapore’s rainy season. An innovative product by any measure, EZ Street asphalt was an immediate hit with both consumers and the construction industry. The quality and ease of use are unprecedented. In the paving business (as with any other), time is money. And there is no better way to save both than with EZ Street cold asphalt.

Product Info

SE Asia

Southeast Asia-specific

The EZ Street product you buy here is made here. Accordingly, it is formulated specifically for our harsh, tropical-rainforest climate. From high heat to monsoonal rains, ours is a climate that wreaks a special kind of havoc on paved roads. The EZ Street asphalt that you purchase in Singapore has been made to perform optimally here—which is why we can offer a product with a lifetime guarantee.


Can I really apply EZ Street asphalt to a pothole filled with water?

Yes, you can. Just pour the EZ Street product directly into the water-filled hole. When compacted, the EZ Street product will displace the water. Also be sure to leave a slight crown on the patch, as it will compact a little more as traffic passes over it.

How long after applying EZ Street asphalt does traffic have to be diverted?

As soon as the EZ Street product has been compacted, the roadway is instantly ready for traffic. It’s not uncommon for crews to keep bags of EZ Street asphalt in their trucks. That way, when they come across a pothole, they can just toss it in the hole and let traffic compact it.

How long does the EZ Street product stay workable in a stockpile?

EZ Street asphalt is guaranteed to stay workable for one year in a 50-tonne pile 3-metres high. If you leave the stockpile undisturbed for a long period, a protective crust may form. The product is designed to do this as a way to prevent premature hardening. If this happens, simply "fluff up" the material prior to loading the truck. This action will rejuvenate the EZ Street.

With regard to cost, how does the EZ Street product compare to traditional mixes?

As a premium cold asphalt, the EZ Street product costs more per tonne than hot mix or conventional cold mix asphalt.

However, accounting for all factors, employing the EZ Street product costs less. For example, filling potholes with hot mix requires 1) waiting at the asphalt plant, 2) saw-cutting pothole edges, 3) cleaning the hole, 4) applying a tack coat, 5) applying the hot mix, 6) rolling it, and 7) waiting several hours before opening the area to traffic. Any unused mix in the truck is 8) waste and 9) must be cleaned out. As for conventional cold mix, that is a temporary repair. It typically means paying twice to fix one hole.

The EZ Street product comes straight from your stockpile. There’s none of the prep work associated with hot asphalt, so your crew accomplishes more. There is no need to empty any water out of the hole to be patched. There is virtually no clean-up time, no wasted product, and little to no interruption of traffic. And the EZ Street asphalt repair is guaranteed permanent.